Investing with more possibilities

Our platform facilitates trading, asset management and trustees as taken as a whole or in component parts.

Genesis offers you a curated selection of Managed Equity Solutions, ETF Solutions, and Tailored Portfolio Services, giving you investment freedom.

So wherever you are our investment platform can provide the perfect answer and can even trade U.S. listed securities and assets on U.S. exchanges.

Intelligent Investing

Our approach saves money, keeps you up to speed with the markets and rebalances client portfolios.

We actively construct the asset allocation and select the holding that is rebalanced and optimised periodically. Then we implement our strategies via passive vehicles such as ETFs that are replicating major indices.

Managed ETF Solutions

We use ETFs (exchange traded funds) which track an index, a specific asset or basket of assets. ETFs cover many areas of the market including stock indices, sectors, commodities, currencies, bonds and even instruments that track the volatility of the stock market.

We use them because they are a lower cost way of investing and offer the flexibility to capitalize on a range of opportunities.

Simple and low cost

Our investment approach is based on the key principle that investment costs are one of the most significant factors that affect long term portfolio performance. We use diversified, low cost ETFs in model portfolios aligned to risk profiles.

Our model ETF portfolios provide automatic rebalancing without any added cost.

Furthemore, we do not pass on any transaction costs for the buying and selling of securities.

Investing in the U.S.

Our investment platform is unique in that it provides you access to U.S. listed securities in a tax efficient way. Many other solutions withhold tax deducted from dividends at source.

The Genesis Platform is different as it can facilitate [tax-free] dividends and in U.S. listed securities. A further benefit to investing in assets on U.S. exchanges versus their European counterparts is that U.S assets traded on U.S exchanges can often have lower expense ratios and higher liquidity.

A summary of the Genesis Platform

Easy set-up

Can be set up quickly with a cash lump sum or transfer from an existing pension arrangement.

Lower Cost

We use Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) to keep costs down.

No hidden fees

Transparent charges and a simple pricing structure.

There is an additional ETF transaction expense adjusted directly through the net asset value of the fund of around 0.15% annually.

Quick, Easy and Secure Access

Online via the Genesis App, 24/7.

Four currencies offered

US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Australian Dollars

A Team of Asset Managers

Our team are ready to support you

Strategy Sheets

Please download our strategy sheets providing net performance, benchmarks and holdings in asset classes.

These strategy sheets are updated each month.

Please contact us for further information if required.

Investment Platform