Why choose Genesis

We provide high quality investment management and UK pension transfer solutions including asset management and pension trustee.

Our transparent approach offers you a complete, low cost solution and investment freedom which helps you meet your retirement goals.

Why Choose Genesis

Global Retirement Solution

Genesis can facilitate personal pension plans designed to accumulate savings which can then be used to provide investors with an income when they reach their minimum retirement age.

Can be set up quickly with a cash lump sum or transfer from an existing pension arrangement.

Invest lump sums and transfer existing pension funds

Flexible and portable account for changing personal circumstances

Access some funds free of UK tax on commencement of pension drawdown with no drawdown charges

Provides beneficiaries in the event of death

Provides access to a wide range of underlying investments

A better, smarter investment platform

Our investment platform offers a transparent, lower-cost, tax-efficient investment solution with model portfolios aligned to risk profile. Our mobile app gives easy access to portfolios and accounts to keep track of assets.